Bridal Trial $85

A trial is recommended to ensure you get the exact look you want down for your wedding day. Trials run about 1-1.5 hours long and we'll design a customized makeup look to ensure you look the most beautiful, polished version of yourself. We'll also discuss timing and scheduling makeup for you & your party so everything runs smoothly the day of. Looking for hair? I only work with the best! Let me know and I'll give you some referralls.

Not interested in a trial or don't have time for one? No worries, I offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation prior or on the same day as your wedding! All you need to do now is make sure I'm available for your date. After I've confirmed that I'm available, the next step would be to complete the bride+party agreement and submit your deposit (the bridal fee for the day of) and your date is saved!

Prepping for your trial

  • Wearing a top close to your wedding dress colour is suggested

  • Face should be clean! Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Moisturizing before helps for a nice base to start with.

  • Any pictures of makeup you see that you absolutely love? Bring them! (Pinterest is great for some inspiration)

  • Some questions you can expect me to ask at your trial:

  1. What's your skin type? (Dry, Normal, Oily, Oily in T-zone) Any concerns with your skin?

  2. How do you like your skin to look? (Matte, Dewy, Full coverage, etc)

  3. Anything you absolutely love or don't love for your makeup look?

  4. Do you like liner on top? in water line?

  5. Thoughts on blush, contour. highlight

  6. Lashes to be full, wispy, natural?

(& If you're not sure about the questions above, I can help figure that out with you!)


Step 2

After your trial

Did you absolutely love your makeup? If so, the next step would be to complete the client contract agreement and submit your deposit to reserve your date!  Your day is not reserved until the agreement and deposit is submitted. If you don't book right away after your trial, rest assure I put a note in my booking calendar that your date is pending and if anyone inquires on your day, I will contact you to touch base. If you're serious about booking, its best to save your date ASAP.

Step 3

Prepping for your wedding day

How exciting! The wedding is coming up, lets make sure we have everything prepped for the day of so everything runs smoothly..

Things to do:

  • Make sure your whole party/guests that will be getting their makeup done know the schedule

  • If your party and guests are paying for their own makeup, please make sure they know how much it is

  • If the party will be individually choosing their own looks, it's best if they have an idea of what they want before their appointment so we can keep the schedule running smoothly. (Pictures are great!)

  • Prepping the skin before application: Cleanse, Exfoliate, & Moisturize!

  • Let's stay connected! Life happens, I understand. If there are any changes or any concerns leading up to your day, you can text me, email me, or give me a call! (760)207-3072

Step 4

Your wedding day

I always plan on being on location 15 minutes early to set up and stay 15 minutes for touch ups. I come with my makeup chair, lighting, and a full sanitized kit. We'll have a timeline already set up to make sure everyone's makeup is done on time. If you have a larger party or if there are time constraints, I can hire another artist in advance to help assist (Again, I only work with the best!). Contact me if you have any questions!


Step 5

Share your experience

Tell a friend, tag @makeupbyadrianne in your pictures or write a review on Yelp!

Thank you so much for having me be a part of your day!