Makeup Lessons


Private one-on-one Makeup Lesson $100

Group Lessons (4 or more) $75 each

1.5 hrs.

{I. } A Makeup Bag Review

{II.} Application tips and techniques

{III.} Product and color suggestions


The goal of having a Makeup Lesson is to develop a routine that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. During your private lesson, Adrianne will demonstrate how to do the makeup look on a model or herself, then watch and guide you as you do your own makeup application on yourself. This way you will have the knowledge and skills to recreate it on your own. Adrianne will also do a brief overview of your current skin care routine. Knowing not only how to apply makeup, but also how to choose the right makeup for yourself, is truly an empowering feeling. *Business and small group lessons are also available.


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